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Privacy statement

Your privacy is respected by Performance College.
Your personal data are been treated very carefully by Performance College and are secured.


Performance College is keeping to the rules of GDPR.
Performance College is laying down personal information from you to be able to inform you about certain developments. In no way this personal information is giving to third parties.


The use of this personal information is for coaching and developing individuals working within an organization. We are completely transparent on what information we are laying down.


The personal information is coming into a database which is been secured. Users of this information need a codeword to log in.


By giving us your information you give us permission in using this information.
You can always ask us what kind of information we have about you.
You have the right to ask for destroying that information.


If you have some questions, please send a mail to info@performancecollege.com


In all our activities are the rules of good decency and fair trade. 



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