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Customer journey

In the Performance College approach, you come across building blocks: self-contained short skills and theoretical modules. In order to make the right choice from these building blocks for your personal development, you go through a Learning Journey without obligations: start exploring, onboarding & get going.

Start exploring

You feel the need to develop yourself.
You start exploring the internet. Through colleagues and friends, you get to know Performance College (see NPS)
Through the website of Performance College, you get to know the organization.

The onboarding process consist of 5 steps:

Step 1: current development phase of your organization

To link your development to the situation of your organization, you decide, possibly together with your team, the current development phase of your organization. The development phases, or the four dimensions, in line with the management model of the Dutch Quality Institute (INK) are:

Dimension 1: activity oriented
Dimension 2: process oriented
Dimension 3: organization oriented
Dimension 4: chain oriented

Matching scan: culture scan of the organization.

Step 2: personal competences based upon personal image and environmental image.

You map out your current competences. Check out 'Competences' as well. You use the Quinn Analysis, in which, in line with the four quadrants of the Quinn model, different competences are mapped.

Your personal profile is based on your own observations, your own truth, your own image. You can also involve your direct work environment, which creates a more complete picture of you with this image. After making a personal scan you will receive instructions for this.

If you want to tackle a team development process, each team member goes through his own scan.

Step 3: desired development phase of your organization

You can now also determine, possibly together with your team, the desired development phase of your organization in line with the four dimensions of the management model of the Dutch Quality Institute (INK): where does your organization want to go? See step 1 for the description of the four dimensions.

In order to optimally develop you now, a link between the desired destination of your organization and your own desired destination (or the destination of your team) is necessary. Performance College gives you and your team support in this regards.

Step 4: personal conversation about your profile

After making the scans, you (or your team) together with a coach from Performance College will review, without any obligation, your personal (team) profile by meaning of a conversation. This creates your development plan. You receive a 'Blik op je eigen toekomst' containing a description and time investment per building block.

Step 5: transfermatrix

To make sure that the provided knowledge and skills are applied in practice, you complete a transfer matrix. You appoint, for the various actors (yourself, colleagues, direct managers, business trainers), the desired support.

Get going

After approval of the investment picture you start at your timing and location with your development plan by following the building blocks. With an In-Company trajectory, your team will together align the desired timing.

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