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Network organization

A network organization is an organization that aims to promote contacts and / or joint activities of and between affiliated organizations and / or persons.


Performance College is part of a private network.


The home network consists of:



In close collaboration with various accountancy firms, Performance College provides entrepreneurs with annual workshops in which an annual theme is dealt with from different angles.


Flock Leadership

A contemporary way of managing different teams.



Performance Coaching

A systematic approach to personal development leads to better performance.


Performance Consulting

Change processes are mapped out and realized together.


Performance Expedition

Develop yourself in a challenging way without trainers and teachers.



Quinn Association

As an association promote the professionalism of those who are engaged in applying Quinn's competitive values model.




Guiding starting entrepreneurs.




A freely accessible database of marketing theory with an underlying list of more than 3,000 marketing terms.





As a co-member of the board, both designing and organizing this event with an international appearance.



Aanmelden Performance College