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Performance Community

Definition of Community

According to a Marketing definition, a 'community' is:
'Interaction between a group of people, supported by e-mail lists, discussion forums on the web, or chat. Various social structures have been found within a community, relating to the admission of new members, rules of conduct and the role of the moderators. '

Performance Community

Performance College has its own community with:

• our participants in the open courses and the in-company trajectories;
• our relationships: current clients and clients from the past;
• our prospects: people who have ever requested information from us and would like to stay informed of all kinds of developments;
• our experts and professionals.


You are also allowed to participate.  




As member of the Performance Community you will receive a monthly newsletter including useful checklists. Only available in the Dutch language. Every year has its special theme:



Performance Sharing
With the Performance Sharing meetings, you stay informed of the various trends. These meetings take place on different evenings from 7 pm to 10 pm. The location varies with each of our relationships. Apart from a guided tour, the program also consists of a specific theme about which ideas are exchanged. Costs are associated with participation in these meetings. Do you want to be invited for this? Click here to sign up.



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