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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

» What is your strength?
» How long do you exist?
» How big is your organization?
» How big is your turnover?
» In which provinces do you work?
» In which industries do you work?
» Can you realize all training and development questions?
» What do you not do?
» How do you deal with tenders?
» How do you deal with Preferred Suppliers contracts?
» Does a training always take place?
» Do you have a Management Development Program?
» What is your best project?
» What are you proud of?
» Where are you in 5 years?
» I have not heard your name often. Are you well-known in the market?
» What is the difference with other major suppliers on the market?
» Are you expensive?
» Why do you hold on to the Quinn model?
» How do you develop yourself in this particularly fast-changing world?

Aanmelden Performance College