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Welcome to Performance College where our Why is a source of inspiration.


In person
Helping ambitious people to realize their dreams 100% gives us a huge kick. The basic rule here is that each individual person is responsible for their own development. Each one of them is a director of his own career. Each director has a personal vision. A vision is a dream that you want to realize even if it costs energy and inventiveness, even when you need to overcome setbacks. Your personal vision gives direction to your career and is therefore a constant source of inspiration to reach the desired destination.


Helping innovative organizations with their changes also gives us a strong kick. Now the contemporary vision of both the organization and your team applies as desired destination.

Personal approach
Instead of a large amount of education and training, your personal development is central to us. You find Customer Intimacy as our focus. You experience the "Market of one" principle.
You determine your own trajectory based upon a selection of building blocks (isolated short skills and theoretical modules).


The development of the team is now central. They challenge us to design appropriate In-Company projects. 'Why + How = Wow!'


These values are central to the approach:
1. We have respect: everyone is equal to us.
2. We are reliable: appointment is appointment.
3. Openness: we talk to people and not about people.
4. Fun: we do what we like.
Hopefully you underline these values in your approach.


Creating the ability to make the right choices when making changes, you or your team first need to go through a selection of steps without any obligation. This creates your personal development plan. Your ambitions in that plan are the challenge in the customization of our network of independent professionals.


Together we go for the desired result. You personally do not encounter a large group of course participants where you are a number in a general program. You receive individual guidance. You will meet other ambitious people and exchange experiences with them or, in the case of an In-Company process, with your team.


Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Of the 17 SDGs, we have an impact on the following 3:


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