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Quinn model



Many theories are available for analysing organizations. These theories use different models. A model is a tool to present the complex reality in a simple way. Models offer the opportunity to exchange ideas and wishes about complex phenomena. Models provide insights.


Organizational wishes

It is generally required for organizations to be flexible and easily adaptable, but it is also wanted to have them stable and under control.
They want to acquire growth, means of production and external support, but they also want accurate information management and formal communication.



An optimal picture is therefore difficult to complete. In order to provide you with a practical model, Performance College uses its own Business Compass. This Compass is based on the model of Robert E. Quinn.

Quinn model

In the Robert Quinn model, similarly to a compass, two axes are used. On the vertical axis, 'innovation' is placed opposite to 'controlling'. On the horizontal axis 'internal orientation' is placed opposite to 'external orientation'. The four quadrants, which arise in this way, can then be described in different ways. Each quadrant also consists of a set of building blocks: self-contained skills and theoretical modules.



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